The Kentucky Association for Pupil Transportation


Thank you for joining us for the Transportation Covid 19 guidelines update. "KEEP IN MIND INFORMATION IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE PENDING  KDE and STATE OFFICIALS REVIEW OR CHANGES" We are at a time where some things are changing rapidly and the meeting and summary is as up to date as possible. 


 1) Getting buses checked and through the shop checking for bird nests, wasps, mice and etc.

 2) Hand sanitizer on buses **CLEARIFICATION**
 Hand sanitizer will be part of student transportation. Finding a location for sanitizer is a challenge. Several are working on ideas and KDE will approve the allowable options.   
                **60% plus is recommended for HAND SANITIZER** Page 4 of KDE Guide Hand Sanitizer
                Each student shall utilize hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol upon entry to the bus.
                Hand sanitizer must not be left in the bus during the hotter seasons due to temperature risk.

                IC Corp on “CLEANER FOR BUS” Page 8 Bus cleaning IC Bus

       Caution: When using isopropyl alcohol as a disinfectant, the following precautions must be followed. 

·         Do not use a 70% isopropyl solution as a wash solution.

·         Do not use a 70% isopropyl solution wipe on seats that are hot from day time heat.

·         Vapors can accumulate quickly when using a 70% isopropyl solution wipe. Maintain adequate ventilation by opening windows and doors.  The effectiveness of the 70% isopropyl solution can be diminished when used in high heat conditions due to evaporation. 

A 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol can be used as a disinfectant wipe. A 70% isopropyl solution is readily available from local sources. 

3) Making sure you follow storage guidelines for bulk sanitizer

 4) Drivers and waivers (DR NOTE)

                Local Board to work with Local Health department on plan/policy

 5) Pre K and K Transportation

                Pre K/Headstart has not issued their guidelines at this time. we did hear from Cristin Chadwell on some of the ideas we can use for parent permission to allow student to wear mask. If they do not wear mask a form of social distancing needs to be in place.

6) Federal motor Carriers safety Administration update

                Language on random testing % during Covid 19

                **Make sure we do Clearing house inquiries on drivers, before school starts**

7) Cleaning buses between loading and unloading

                There is concern as several districts unload and reload at some schools to transfer students, buses must be cleaned before we can reload and students cannot be on bus during cleaning.

An option suggested would be having spare buses at these points to use to transfer **Driver must pre trip new bus before loading** Either way this will add time


 Some of the questions addressed were:

1) Loading back to front when all grades are transported on same bus

                Several considerations, load back to middle with older students and middle to front with Pre k and K or something like that. Best practice would be separate elementary, Middle and High school students when possible. Some districts just cannot do that so they need to work with Board on their options

2) Is Max 2 Students per seat?

                NO, Page 5,6 and 7 addresses options

Number of Students on The Bus

Districts should work with local health officials to determine the occupancy rate to achieve an

acceptable level of social distancing depending on the prevalence of COVID-19 in the


3) When a student with siblings has a fever at bus stop, all from house could be affected (no room to separate due to capacity on bus.

                Front 2 seats are to be empty, passengers aide could be used for student with fever?

**AGAIN Local District needs to get with Local Health Department for a plan/policy**

4) Face shields for drivers and monitors that would be compliant for us to use to help in heat

                **Remember a face shield does not replace a mask** Local District needs to get with Local Health Department for a plan/policy** 

5) Spacing on bus for student without mask

                The recommendation is no mask we must distance. KY Health department has made considerations and are asking for a seat between unmask students rather than 6 foot **we will continue to clarify this as Prek/Head start guidelines are provided**

6) We drop some students and reload at school, do buses have to be empty to disinfect?

                YES, we cannot disinfect/clean buses with students onboard

**Be careful of product you use to clean bus as many may require a 24 hour dry time before contact, may require special clothing during use, may have skin, eye or toxicity exposure**

7) What chemicals can we use on buses?

                Guide has manufacture recommendations on Page 8 under Bluebird, IC Bus and Thomas

                **We will continue to discuss cleaning options**


Thank you for attendance and my hopes are this will help Transportation Departments with understanding the guidelines.